2017 the e-book!

This web-site has already been active for several years and I am inclined to neglect it.

Now we are at the end of 2016 and it is time for me to update it to inform the (few) readers about the recent vicissitudes of my book.
The Italian printed book, Hemiunu l’architetto ( Hemiunu the architect) sold in the self publishing site of: "ilmiolibro.it" and an e-books in Amazon, have not had the desired effect.

Only a few dozen curious took up the challenge.

Too few for any professional consideration.

I sent e-mails to any italian organization which may be interested in, but also this was useless.

In particular, I have to point out the bad habit of not responding, to national queries at least.

Sending an e-mail abroad, it is quite sure to get an answer. In Italy never happens.

That shows a lot about the disagreeable attitude of magazines, museums, scholars and so on.

I can understand, however, that the brotherhood of genius is complete already.

It happened dozens of times to me too, as a physic teacher, to gather confidences of aspiring scientists in energy, ecological fields and so on. I always have granted them a minimum of attention, at least till the moment they would have fatally confused measurement units, energy with power or force, allowing me to tell them, in a polite manner, how great their ignorance is.

I'm not an Egyptologist, I am just an engineer.

I naively thought to introduce myself as an honest person and to deserve a reading, at least until someone could contest a measure, the inaccuracy of something or an impossible hypothesis from a scientific point of view ...

Not at all.

The well-meaning readers but poorly educated, quickly give up: my explanations are objectively excessive for them.

The professionals instead (at least in Italy), are too conceited to pay any attention to someone without their academic qualification so my job lies in oblivion, misunderstood from all.

In the meantime the book has expanded to deepen details and explanations before just hinted.

In this way its complexity is increased but if someone really wanted to understand I am ready to any challenge .....

Here then the latest idea: get the English version of my text, print some copies and send them, with a CD including 400 of photos and drawings, to the addresses of the National Geographic, hoping someone of their experts give me an opportunity.

The first difficulty was the English language: I did not find any professional translator to perform the job due to the technical complexity of the text.

This is reasonable: it is difficult to translate what is not clearly understood ….

But I was lucky: my friend Fiorenzo Volpe, working as Senior Pipeline Inspector in a gas pipeline in the Mexican desert, dedicated his free time to this task, often asking me for more explanations about some detail and forcing me to revise the book, translating it to the best of his ability.

For sure the result is not very elegant, but the meaning is consistent with the Italian text.

I changed the title to "Great Pyramid Explanation" and I found also a place where to print, for a good price, fifteen hard copies I will send to the National. After this we'll see.

Meanwhile an e-book is already available in Amazon at this link.

It is mandatory for the purchasers to follow my instructions and download the 400 images supporting the text and check them any time requested, otherwise it will be very easy to loose the sense of the explanations.

Waiting for some readers ....