My book



Maybe I’ve found a way to solve my main  problem: the lack of a publisher.
It seems that it could be possible to publish a book via Internet through a special publisher.
If I’ve understood correctly, I send my text, the cover and the photos via e-mail, stating my requests, and the Internet publisher will send me the copies I ordered, but furthermore, if I wish, publicize my book in a special list, sending also the copies  anyone may request.

If this is true, it’s a fantastic solution.

In this way I can also overcome the pictures problem: to have a good explanation understanding (that is quite complex), it is necessary to refer, at least, to 250 photos or drawings.

Many of these pictures come from Internet sites, but the print out quality is not good because the low resolution. Besides the book cost would rise to the stars. My intention is to put in the book just some black and white images, then list, in the text, all  the 200 or more reference data, which anyone interested can find, in this my web-site, in a suitable photo gallery (all the pictures ordered as per the book references) available through a password included in the text book bought via Internet.

At the moment I work on retrieving the sites addresses where the pictures coming from, but still I want to build another wooden small scale exemplar by which I hope to complete the series of my photos.

If everything were going well, I think to finish my work by ten months (now on February 2011).

When everything will be ready, I will inform my web site readers.
Just to let you know, in advance, the some issues you may find in my book.

First -  the portcullis room shows many details on ignored by all, I suppose afraid to “get bogged down”: I’ll provide a logic solution, supported by photos and small scale models.

Second -  the horizontal corridor has been built in an asymmetric way: the first half according to complex principles, but structurally "weak".
Third - the Queen's Chamber, with its impossible ducts and the unusual floor will be addressed in a strange new way.
Fourth - the first niche of the Quadrivium had (for me) many operative reasons (I will show some photos from my wooden model).
Fifth - even the king's Chamber offers an unexplained anomaly and the zed too: by a brief examination it is clear that the vaults of the fifth ceiling protect the entire structure from the immense weight above, but there is another plausible explanation for the ponderous granite ceilings ....
Sixth- something new about the "Girdle Stones" and other ascending passage abnormalities.

Finally, in the last chapter, I will provide a "skeptic-proof" explanation, with photos and model, for a very important detail, never addressed before by anyone.
The book is organized on three levels: first the initial project of Hemiunu, complete in its brilliance; then the problems occurred during the construction and the necessary reduction of the ambitious original project in favor of very, very, simplistic compromise.

Finally my explanation about what really happened inside the pyramid, with numerous photos, supporting (I hope) my thesis.
I forgot: even I have a theory for the external ramps, the lifting methods of the monoliths, the technique of the " short woods " referred to by Herodotus, who didn’t provide any further explanation, so giving something to think about to the involved fans.

See you soon.