February 2009 arrived and my web site is six months old already.
I’ve just finished the animation of my pattern and I want to show you the result.
You may see in the first picture we have two types of pulley stones: the higher (and longer) one for the long pits and the smaller (and shorter) for the short pits.
In the same picture it is possible to see also the yokes to insert in the prismatic niches beyond the big step upstairs I spoke about in the grand gallery description.
My model shows just one type of pulley stone that can be used as higher or lower by a simple rotation. I don’t know if Hemiunu pulley stones were like this, but that is the simplest way to work and I like to believe he did it.

If my pattern would show the entire Grand Gallery, it should be almost 5 meter long.
I thought easier and better to build the upper and lower part (the most important) to be connected together. The 20 central twin niches and pits are missing, as the Grand Gallery ceiling: You may imagine the Grand Gallery height in the frontal section pictures.
When the animation movie starts, you may see, for a while, the Quadrivium and the horizontal corridor going to the Queen Chamber, then the wooden beam bridge collocation and the filling of the step discontinuity in the Grand Gallery floor.
I don’t want, at the moment, to explain this. I have all the explanations in a book I’ve written, but still waiting for an editor.
The first granite block is going up as I described before. The detail shows the red and yellow ropes, used for the inverted pull, are working alternatively, whereas the blue one, going up, is working continuously, as long as it will be possible to have space enough upstairs for the pulling crew.
It’s possible to stop and to magnify the picture to better understand the details as the rope going up moving its buttonhole over or below the working pulley stones: it is not sensible to waste time to take off and insert again an hundred meter rope.
Pay attention, at the same time, to the two safety wooden beams going up with the blocks.
If you want to spend a while to check it, reading my explanations, I guess you may be convinced that everything is working properly and all the details it’s possible to find in the corridor have a reasonable explanation.
Looking at the pictures, you may note I represented the lateral chiselling by a tape at the niche border and the pillar in will be visible in the pattern as two white frames. I remember that it’s possible to see just two border, filled by mortar, of the niche, those which have been chiselled.

Thank a lot for interesting of this.
Maybe I’ll add more in the future.