Thank you for visiting my web site.
I know I have a million of competitors at least, but I guess to deserve your attention for a while.
My name is Efrem Piccin, I’m an engineer graduate giving Physic Lessons at a Technical School in Genoa.
In 2003 I’ve had my first approaching to the Ancient Egypt World and, soon, the Great Pyramid captured my curiosity.
I’ve dedicated all my efforts to that, on the basis of very professional documentation, photographs and any kind of information about.
I have had the possibility to work on the best planimetries of Maragioglio-Rinaldi and Gilles Dormion .
The result of my job has been, to say the least, astounding and I’d want to share it.
I must say that I have met with many difficulties in preparing this web site because, in spite of my engineer graduate, I’m too old to be a skilled computer literate and an Internet user; besides my English is too poor. If you are reading this, this is due to my friends’ help (thanks a lot!)
I wish to show you my theory about the Grand Gallery of Cheop's Pyramid and some very complicate details in there.
I hope to prove, by this way, that I’m a serious researcher, my feet firmly on the ground, hating any strange explanation, such exoteric theories or worse.
Some Ancient Egypt experts may not agree with me, but I’m really convinced what I’m going to show you, is right, absolutely.
In fact, I’ve just ended to write a book regarding the Great Pyramid, but I think it will be a hard job to find a publisher in Italy so I entrust my chances to this web site, written in a strange language to me.
My purpose is to include in this site a preliminary part of my theory, just to see if anyone is concerned about. If the number of the site visitors will be satisfactory, I’ll add more random parts of my book.

Now I’m going to show you a simple description of the Cheop's Pyramid plan, delaying further details later on.
Expert people can go straight to the “ Grand Gallery” section.